World class professional swing dancers Alice Mei & Peter Kertzner are an international couple from France and the US. They fell in love through dancing and thus decided to carry their love of vintage dance into the design of their wedding invitations. Working as a design consultant and layout designer, I helped them create a custom lettering for the cover of their invites and carry a cohesive look and feel of their event. 
In Collaboration with Alice Mei
Process & Solution: 
Having done most of the preliminary sketches, bride to be Alice and myself  discussed we could create something beautiful without a templated look.  We found that chalkboard art could be a huge source of inspiration because of it's handmade quality. After finishing the layouts and type rendering in Illustrator we began to consider materials appropriate for a "do it yourself " wedding. Fine art paper was the way to go. We found a cost effective solution by printing the invitations right in my own living room. The final result was something that we were both excited about and made a huge splash with her guests. 

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